DMX-512 Control signal connection

1.DMX signal cable is made of twisted pair (line), DMX signal includes positive and negative end, in pressure welding DMX signal line plug should pay special attention to polarity. DMX512 controller input and output RJ45 interface: PIN1 is signal positive, PIN2 is signal negative, PIN7.8 is signal ground, please corresponding polarity connection.

2.DMX 410 and 410D transmission lines can't be over 300 meters.

3.DMX 410 and 410D each interface can with not more than 170 pieces of DMX 410 and 410D. Eight output interface.

4.When contacting 32 pieces of DMX 410 and 410D, DMX signal must add a signal amplifier .

5.At the end of the connection, we should connect a DMX signal finalizer ( Put down the code switch no.10 of DMX 410 dial).


LPI offers 2 Decoders.  LED 410, and LED 410 D 

Both DMX Decoders have a frequency of 5.2 kHz which allows it to be used for video applications with no camera flickering, as well as 10 amps per channels 1-4 @ 12 V DC with a total power of 426W. This LED Driver provides you with the freedom to control 4 channels of LED Strips, LED modules, and other types of 12-24 V LED lighting. Each channel provides you control from 1-256 levels of intensity. This driver complies with DMX 512/1990 Protocol. This controller was designed with the A-Grade RGBW Strips in mind. This controller can handle the high amp draw of the RGBW and RGBA Strips.